Yorkshire, England - York Minster

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Morning on the ranch with an organized fox hunt, with hounds. 

The day before, cottage owner Jackie said I should come out early to take photos of her riding group, as they headed out around 8 am the next morning. 

My take was that they get together quarterly.  Jackie said the group enjoys the dress-up & formal riding aspects, but real fox hunting is rarely practiced anymore in the UK.  'Most Brits got the unfairness and animal cruelty aspects long ago', she said, 'and now it's just a dress-up'.   

The group rode for miles on local public access trails, as shown the OS map.  We went off to York by car, soon thereafter.            

note - you can enlarge any part of a picture by left-clicking in and then out again.

riders, horses and hounds mobilizing getting organized riders heading out out of focus males first followed by the female riders
  here come the hounds   on the bridleway walk back to the cottage

If you visit the York Minster on a mid-week day in mid-October, crowds are non-existent. Should you arrive early, you'll have the place to yourself.

the Nave, looking east     < incredible ceiling and the Nave facing west >
  the organ human history   a memorial side chapel for  Yorkshire soldiers
  the names of the fallen   someone who was in the service for 54 years
  followers of the Rule of St. Benedict interesting light in the Minster   celebrating the end of the War of the Roses
not really sure what this means      
  eternal damnation for sinners  starting to look other- worldly up there note the crowds colorful old floor
    down one level walls of a Roman fortress
  the first Romans arrived in 55 B.C. the old Roman road system as of about 200  A.D.   check out the creatures !

Out & about again in York on a quiet mid-week day. 

  atmospheric a Citroen Picasso looking in style
mixed weather day   great architecture  
on the menu are monks, or gargoyles we took a walk until the tour boat returned St. Mary's Abbey was once as large as the Minster
  on the River Ouse   people on Clifford's Tower  
    nice Tudor house on the river Millennium Bridge
      old Lendal Bridge house

Horses at dawn & at dusk...here's Holly again with her proficient trick horse, Nellie. As the last photo shows, they are a great pair. 

      Holly & Nellie

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