Christmas walk - posted early january 2018

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On Christmas day we drove to Mare Island where Carrie lives and where her mom Barb had been staying for a week.  They served Christmas dinner at one pm and prior to dessert, we had a scenic walk along San Pablo Bay, a 3 mile round trip.  

From Mare Island you get an incredibly open view with few structures anywhere in sight, an exception being numerous refinery tanks and a ship off-loading dock at Martinez, which are at some distance.  Otherwise, walkers here are treated to an exceptional amount of open space & watery acreage. 

It was wind-free, and San Pablo Bay was still.  Winter's low angle of diminished sunlight combined with an overcast sky to create a flat but interesting light, bringing out texture & color in the dried grasses or other plants in the foreground as well as distant mountains or textural clouds in the vast sky.  

note - you can enlarge any part of a picture by left-clicking in and then out again. 

into the great wide open* Barb, Carrie, & Lins changing light Barb
    who knows what this was refinery at Martinez  
calm water on the Bay today old base Hospital looking in SF direction old munitions storage
  isolation valves pond w/ducks & herons the industrial heart of Mare Island  

 *a micro-tribute to rock musician Tom Petty, who passed away recently. 

These are images taken along nearby Laguna Creek in late November, or in early January. 

a succulent by the front door spring starts in November  creek in January  
      diving duck about to vanish  
  old Oak  wood ducks, winter visitors    

All images on this page were taken with a Canon G16 point & shoot camera. 

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