Yorkshire, England -Thirsk and Sutton Bank

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The morning light was just right for getting indoor shots of the interesting 'rough-hewn' wood beams in our cottage.  The beams on the second floor bedrooms were 12 inches high by 8 inches wide, and to cross each bedroom front to back, plus the width of the bathroom, plus two foot thick stone walls, they had to be 20 feet long.  The wood looked old. 

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we have our own Roman column the white horse of Kilburn Park  Sutton Bank was just up the hill from us  a calm &   inquisitive creature
  living room bedroom one bedroom one bath  
bedroom two rough-hewn   bedroom two bath
  bedroom two view   the ceiling upstairs foyer with skylight
nice stairs reading room with wood stove kitchen    
  riders on horses sometimes went by outside  a great little wood stove    so much for the sun

In the afternoon Linda wanted some quiet time so I took a solo drive into Thirsk for a few grocery items, but first got a coffee & walked around some. 

I went by the former home & office of Veterinarian Alf Wight, whose career was spent working in Thirsk for older, quirkier Vet Donald Sinclair.  Both of them were large animal Vets, back in a very different era; more on them later....    

Thirsk in odd camera setting light   bakery the main pub with morning partakers down every lane there's a tea shop
nice small City garden by the creek    this looks so British !! Cod Beck  
greenbelt along creek Thirsk church the bell in the tower struck one ! nice in-town house
  has the look of an old State House too bad...no historical tour of the interior   let's see what's out back
  old storage building ? surprisingly large yard (former parade ground?)  
  bone yard   the back streets of Thirsk    
UK Vets Donald Sinclair & Alf Wight          

MRCVS - In 1939 Alf Wight qualified at Glasgow Veterinary College as a full-fledged Member of the Royal Society of Veterinary Surgeons.  Alf Wight was born in and grew up in Glasgow. He worked in Yorkshire as a Vet and later became a famous British writer. 

From the start of his writing career as a working Vet in Thirsk, in 1972, until his death in 1995, Alf Wight, pseudonym James Herriot, brought shrewd observations to his semi-autobiographical stories about animals and their owners.  Alf's charming and often hilarious stories became 17 books in total which sold more than 60 million copies worldwide, in at least 13 languages.  

There's more about this Yorkshire Vet & author later in the trip. 

Afterwards I took a short drive up to Sutton Bank, where one of the North Moors National Park Visitor Centers is located.  The walk out to the top of the White Horse at Sutton Bank and back, from the visitor center, took about an hour. 

At the turnaround point there was a good view down onto the village of Kilburn.  It was also nice to get a little sun at times.  

Sutton Bank afternoon shadows looking west looking north on the trail
Fire Weed grows everywhere glider coming in   above the White Horse
    White Horse history village of Kilburn below  
posterized view south towards York   a small part of Gormire Lake  

I didn't take the 1.4 mile walk to the Lake Gormire overlook, but James Herriot wrote that this was his favorite place to take his dogs on a walk, on the way to or from an appointment, and he felt it was the best view in all of England.  He also stated that local legend has it that the lake is 'bottomless'.

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