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Las Trampas April  2021 Lake Tahoe October 2019 New Mexico May 2018
Table Mountain March 2021 UK Trip October 2019 Christmas at Mare Island Jan. 2018
Covid Summer & Fall January 2021 Eastern Sierra trip September 2019 Sophie Alstrom Mitchell May 2017
Weimar Institute January 2021  

Woods Lake loop June 2019

Mare Island April 2017
Black Diamond Mines December 2020  New Mexico June 2019 Fort Myers, Florida December 2015
Cronan Ranch  December 2020  San Francisco Carnival May 2019 Yorkshire, England October 2015
Briones Regional Park November 2020  Rosie the Riveter Museum/SF Bay Trail February 2019 Ireland & Scotland October 2013
Grouse Lakes Basin October 2020  Rockville Hills  January 2019 where we live 2010
Covid Spring June 2020  older pages


White Sands National Monument various times
Howard Ranch Trail April 2020 Point Reyes October 2018    
City walk December 2019 Colorado Springs June 2018 General information