Twin Lakes Trip - hike two to Green Lake 

posted in September, 2019

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The Green Lake area & terrain were new to all of us.  The drive there took about an hour, heading south on 395 from Bridgeport for five miles, and then turning west, cruising uphill on a dirt road for ten miles, a desolate & scenic drive.   

On the walk the ground was a lot softer today compared to yesterday's often rocky ground.  It was an 8 mile round trip with maybe 1,000 ft. of gain.  This walk generated a lot of positive comments from the hikers while out on the trail. 

Green Lake is at 8,945 ft. 

note: you can zoom in on any part of a photo by left clicking in & then out again.  (all photos are shown in the order taken)

group photo Andy and Chris we've been friends for awhile   Andy & Rich  
  big Junipers mountain mahogany  
small creek   keeping a decent pace    
  a tree with a bad case of.. ..woodpeckers distant view  
  easy walking, sometimes tricky creek crossing lunch spot  
  Green Lake, see note   the falls across the lake highest visible part of the falls

note - our lunch spot was in the SW corner of the lake.  When we first encountered this lake, just after our interesting & improvised creek crossing, we were at the SE corner, and the wind was right into our faces & unbearable, maybe at 30 to 40 mph.  

Patrick and Victoria wisely steered us to the left to a nearly wind-free overlook of the Lake, and our lunch spot.  The Lake photos were taken in a stiff wind, partially exposed.   

On the walk back -

2 year old Elise, see note 1 spent thistle    
    not completely spent less technical walking today  
walking break butterscotch tree, see note 2 same flavorful tree
  natural settings... leaves losing pigments in fall     

note 1 - Elise at 2 is using an Ipad.....what is the world coming to ? But she also takes in the scenery and catches a nap once in a while, at least I hope so.  I have to admit I don't really know because I only see Patrick & Victoria & Elise at the start of a hike and not again until lunch, because they are such strong hikers. 

note 2 - Linda told me to put my nose into the crack of the giant bark 'panels' on this Ponderosa Pine, which I did, and it definitely has the aroma of butterscotch. 

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