Twin Lakes Trip - hike one to Barney Lake

posted in September, 2019

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Our first walk was to Barney Lake. The trail begins at the northern end of Twin Lakes, where Annette's Mono Village cabins and RV park are located.  This walk had immediately impressive scenery.  It was an 8 mile round trip walk with 1,500 feet of elevation gain up to Barney Lake at 8,300 ft. 

The handout states that this is "A leisurely and lengthy walk through woods and flower-blessed meadows."  At abut 1.25 miles the trail 'emerges at a broad valley whose floor is a meadow, a beautiful amphitheatre of peaks, including Robinson, Victoria, and Hunewell peaks.'  (a stitched-together paraphrase)     

note: you can zoom in on any part of a photo by left clicking in & then out again.  (all photos are shown in the order taken)

scenery above the  heads hikers leaving Annette's meadow local peaks
  into the wilderness Eastern Sierra coloration    
  great scenery to behold   backpackers walking through  
  buckwheat from whence we came 'late season'  Paintbrush, a term which..  ..applies to all of the flower images  

Barney Lake gets the "lunch spot of the year" award.

first look Barney Lake   only a tiny patch of snow left  
  Surjit   Dick Rich
  Patrick & Elise Julie and Rick    

The walk back downhill to Twin Lakes...

During lunch at the lake I overheard Rich & Jean saying they had seen various types of berries on the way up, which I hadn't noticed at all.  That was a fortunate photo-tip. 

Jean and Linda in good scenery exposed rabbit brush never a day off...and no pension...  
  some kind of attractive berry Paintbrush interiors another attractive plant, see note heading back to Twin Lakes
the trail became a little creek Elderberries apple-like fall fruit  
    Rich and Linda words in old  Alders  
wild rose hips natural arrangement nearly back
meadow near resort again  

note -  I don't know what this plant is with prolific and interesting whitish berries, but note how attractive the foliage is, as well as the red stems.   

Later in the day, after the hike, we assembled at the cabin where Rich, Linda, and Jean were staying, and we had appetizers and then 12 of us went into Bridgeport for a 5:30 pm dinner at the Three-95 Mexican restaurant, with really good service & food. 

We were back at the cabins & other overnight places at dusk...not a bad first day out.     

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