Spring - posted June, 2020

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Well, you just have to find things to do, to keep yourself busy, these days, when living as a shut-in. 

It was ironic that such dreadful global news from March to May coincided with beautiful spring weather here. Below is a smorgasbord of photos taken during that time.   

Local Creek & Trails

Once the gym closed, I tended to go for a mountain bike ride, almost daily.  Local walking & biking trails are usually on the sleepy side, but that suddenly changed.  It was great to see so many people out on the local trails.  (Note that people shown below were on the trail in March, before mask-wearing became more prevalent & by April it was a different story.) 

note - you can enlarge any part of a picture by left-clicking in and then out again.       

big Oak on the creek from the other side creek side flower turtles at lower left  
  turtle action shot California Box Turtles big oak dirt trail
soap plants   kids & parents on bikes    
  dirt trail along the creek   same trail Brodiaea
  in the shadows they are more blue taken from the UPRR trestle rusticated bridge  
  ubiquitous Vetch, see note Mallards   Great Egret 
Laguna Creek          

note - my friend Vic and I on our field trips to the coast used to refer to this as a "son of a Vetch" plant. 

Downstream Laguna creek widens out into two attractive lakes, in the upscale Camden Passage area. 

'into the great wide open' see note Iris    

note - this is Laguna Creek flowing west.  By hook or crook, or an ancient pump, it eventually contributes to the Sacramento River.

Red Clover & Poppies

In fall '19 I seeded some standard red clover into a bed of dirt which I was certain would have poppy seeds, from last year's spring flowers.  It was rewarding seeing thriving baby plants, through the winter.  In spring, this garden exploded, with peak display from April 16 to 26. 

red clover poppies came out first fenced in, see below  
      tuxedo cat red clover again
red clover & poppies rain from a spray bottle      

note - the green fencing was necessary to keep our Terrier from running through the box garden on his sometimes non-stop trips around the back yard. 

In mid-May, after these plants faded out, they were dug in. A few store-bought tomatoes & pineapple sage plants took over, heading into the hot season.  

Misc. back yard highlights

April warmth brings out the flowers, in effect cooking them out. Cherry blossoms emerge like slow-motion popcorn, over a two-week period, spring rains slowing the process. Finally, warmer weather prevails, and delicate flowers arrive bringing a sweet fragrance.    

tulips cherry blossoms volunteers Rock Purslane, see note
  Brodiaea & Lamb's Ears Lamb's Ears most recent garden improvement in a pouring spring rain 
blue Fescue Cranesbill Geranium moves w/ the slightest breeze morning glory (real rain)

note - this is Calandrinia Spectabilis "Shining Pink".  Nearby Green Acres Nursery recommended this as a showy succulent, worth having, and I bought one, a year ago.

We gardeners tend to think that all succulents must be drought-tolerant, but this succulent needs regular water & nutrients, in order to flower.  

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