San Francisco Carnival posted May 2019

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My friends Rich and Linda decided late Saturday night to roll the dice on what was predicted to be a bad weather day in San Francisco, so that we might see the annual Carnival Parade in the Mission District. Wet and windy weather never showed up and it was even sunny, at times. 

From Walnut Creek we took BART into the City, arriving at the Mission District around 10 am.  Once the parade got going there were elaborate floats, fabulous musical rhythms, and, dancers with great costumes, from so many countries.    

Photos are presented in the order taken.    

note - you can enlarge any part of a picture by left-clicking in and then out again.       

the start Carnival is an ancient tradition    
  Trash Mash Up eclecticity... continued...  
Chinese dragons     stilt people
    Quechua, see note 1  
  Aquarela's director    

note 1 - a friend & former co-worker of mine from Bolivia said that these are Bolivian folk costumes representing Cochabamba, or indigenous Quechua natives.  

After a few hours of enjoying the parade, we walked a few blocks away from Mission St. & found a popular Mexican restaurant for lunch, before we headed back.  

It was a great day out ! 

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