Tularosa - May 2018

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On a Monday morning drive heading east from Las Cruces, I once again enjoyed the long drive to Alamogordo through very wide open scenery, first the long ascent to crossing the Organ Mountains, then going downhill past Aguirre Springs, then past the White Sands Missile Range and an hour later the White Sands National Monument, and finally Holloman AFB. 

It's more than an hour of the emptiest scenery in the world, and a sense of existentialism comes on & you're just a breathing, driving machine.  After my experience peering into the void, I stopped at the Starbucks in the center of town. Turns out, a blueberry muffin & coffee healed me completely.         

Tularosa is 20 miles north of Alamogordo on highway 54, one of only two north-south highways in the State, meaning that Tularosa gets a lot of passing through truck traffic. 

Where I stayed with long time friends Charles & Maggie was a few blocks off the main highway, and it's always quiet, day and especially at night.  The perfectly clean air and low humidity here are super.  Mornings are coolish w/ a lot of bird calls.  Sleeping in their GMC van was like camping in a park.       

Terry is a friend of C&M whom I've met before, and she owns a jewelry shop, and, runs a community art gallery, which has really good artwork.  It's only three blocks away. Terrie stops in to talk, many mornings.  She is a creative jewelry artist and I bought earrings for Linda, made of Titanium with crystals & a tiny Aquamarine jewel.  (since then my wife has purchased a few more pairs of earrings from Terry)  

Every time I visit, Tularosa is a great place to wander around with your camera.  All photos were taken by a Canon G16 point & shoot.      

note - you can enlarge any part of a picture by left-clicking in and then out again. 

drive to Tularosa  home & garden      
  Terry's shop & gallery Terry by the Mulberry Tree around town defunct
  Hollyhocks out of business pet cemetery    
    imaginary pets, too   how do they eat?
  great Mexican food here traffic on main street irrigation gates  
  flooded yard Farmall tractor prickly pear? unknown bird
classic adobe house Ocotillo Russian sage at home evening primrose in the evening !  
  cactus garden coffee &  friends on last morning Charles Terry & Abbey
a hard to photograph cat superb guest lodging  my friends C&M sudden light change  
  racing the train to El Paso        

Part one - Las Cruces

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