Mare Island April 2017

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In late April the monthly hiking group visited Mare Island, an old defunct & decommissioned Navy base, where my niece Carrie happens to live.  Carrie and I arrived late but once we caught up with the group, we had the advantage of her guidance to the BLU model homes and the Preserve Trail.  Turns out GPS does not give accurate results here...  

note - you can enlarge any part of a picture by left-clicking in and then out again.    

former Officer's home, now a rental home Bird of Paradise plant historic bell  
  historic ship's cannon Frank setting up an official group shot the group minus Frank & I   
Rich and Carrie figuring out the route BLU home landscaping I connected with the landscaping but not the homes a nice view from the two model homes
  hikers on the Preserve trail the oldest military cemetery on the West Coast John talking to my former boss, Kurt  
roses on a leaning fence roses in an  industrial setting ditto the fate of poor George Fordham
  one of the hikers the Straits of Carquinez  interesting old building with grain silos  
suddenly a lot of people ferry from SF to Vallejo long-time hiking friend Karen a great view of the island & lands beyond
    Carrie Linda found a  snake skin at the skeletal ship  
high point on the Island Mare Island & Vallejo old munitions storage sheds, probably    
  looking west to San Pablo Bay & Mount Tam looking north, see note      

note - The high point on the Preserve Trail (our lunch stop) provided sweeping views. 

The walk back.....

walk downhill the zen of no information  Cathy & John surrounded by roses
    advanced rustication back at start of walk  
Mare Island museum Rich & an ancient tea tree, at the museum         

Mare Island has a long & illustrious history, being the first US Navy base on the Pacific Coast, commissioned in the 1840s.  It's hard to believe how much ship-building was done here, culminating in a tremendous manufacturing output during WWII, when more than 40,000 persons commuted to work here, a work force that included women and minority workers, who were given well-paying manufacturing jobs. 

Mare Island was one of five huge ship-building operations in the SF Bay Area during WW II. 

Behind the Museum is the old shipyard and & dock, easily accessible. Wandering through an old shipyard, camera in hand.....what could be better?   

ship yard walk old bridge cranes SF ferry Mare Island blue
  dry dock crane during WWII, a bee hive of activity dry dock
European hydrofoil in for repair Coast Guard cutter also very old looking building Palm trees
  Napa River at Vallejo more misc. endless variety of old buildings

Carrie drove us to Benicia's pleasant waterfront where we found a great little coffee stop. Later we had dinner at her favorite Thai place in Martinez.     

Straits from Benicia Martinez and  Mount Diablo Gidget Kitty

Carrie is well situated on Mare Island and it was great to experience Bay Area air again, with an open window facing into a strong wind.    

On Sunday Carrie and I took the same walk as the group did on Saturday, this time in full sun, with a nice cool breeze. I didn't bring the camera.       

On the way back home I drove north through the Sacramento River Delta. 

Rio Vista bridge view upstream from Isleton looking downstream old grain shipping facility
bridge near Isleton Sacramento River delta & levees

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