Table Mountain - March 2021

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In March Bonnie and Jean and I traveled to Table Mountain, near Oroville, Ca., to see the annual spring wildflower display.

In places, poppies appeared to be flowing downhill, like water. Another enjoyable element was the sweet aroma of low-growing Lupine, which was just about everywhere. 

note - you can enlarge any part of a picture by left-clicking in and then out again. 

big Oak near the parking lot start of the flower display   on the main trail
  Bonnie & Jean on Hollow creek algae thriving    
poppies on the trail to Ravine Falls

tree split in half  
    Ravine Falls drops 71 ft.     
uphill walk & blue sky day heading to Phantom Falls  almost there.. giant Oaks
  Phantom Falls & Cave; the falls drops 166 ft.  minor rainbow effect near the bottom area to the left of the falls  
people in the poppies our lunch view on the walk back lava & poppies
Owl's Clover, see note 1 photographing yellow bees   walkers, see note 2

note 1: We saw Owl's Clover just emerging, only in a few spots, on the walk back (see postscript).

note 2: The landscape beyond these hikers shows the hazy Sutter Buttes, and, a water feature called Thermalito Afterbay, part of Oroville Dam's complex down-stream distribution system. Two major irrigation channels that serve a huge farming area originate here. 

We were out walking & taking pictures for about four hours, traveling perhaps 3 or 4 miles? Its a little hard to tell in this ancient lava rolling hills terrain. 

It was a scenic drive there & back, passing through miles of flowering fruit & nut orchards between Marysville & Oroville. 

My hiking days go back 15 years with Jean and more than 10 years with Bonnie, and in these indoor seclusion days, it is good to have friends like these.    

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Postscript - Last time I was here in mid-April 2019 the Owl's Clover were fully developed, as shown in the last photo.

aromatic Lupine     a little girl, crying, see note  

note - I had just knelt down to get photos of owl's clover when I heard a girl quietly whimpering nearby. She had been playing with a small group of kids who were part of a larger picnic group, just below. The kids moved on uphill and she was left behind, holding her knee, in real pain, possibly encountering local lava. 

Fortunately a minute later her Mom came uphill, looking for her. On the way back downhill Mom gave her a lecture - 'this is what happens when you go out of my sight' - but Mom was holding the girl's hand, who looked comforted & was walking normally, a good sign.   

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