Day Eleven - Derwent Water Boat Launch & etc.  

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Today was our last day in Keswick. In the morning, my wife was a little under the weather so three of us set out on foot to take the Keswick Boat Launch tour of Derwent Water. The light was overcast for most of the journey and it was brisk standing outside.                                                              

Once back in town it was a Thursday Market Day, so we spent time there, too. Rich & I had a brew at the Dog & Gun Pub before all of us finally headed home. It was a day you while away, and maybe we did some laundry too, getting things in order for the rest of the trip. 

Later at 6 pm we drove to the Theatre by the Lake cafe for dinner, followed by hilarious stage production of Little Voice. We had good seats, in the first row of the 2nd floor balcony,  

note - you can enlarge any part of a picture by left-clicking in and then out again.

Keswick Launch boat arriving at stop one overcast & a little cold hotel at south end of lake with a waterfall to the left
      sunshine for a minute
hikers disembarking Hawk's End stop for Catbells walk leaving the Catbells area Blencathra in the distance
  two Keswick Boat Launch boats work the lake going clockwise or "anti-clockwise" view of Skiddaw on the way back  


The following images from the web help convey Keswick's position in relation to Derwent Water, and, shows the most popular trail at Derwent Water to Catbells, a 1,300 foot climb.  The third image shows how to walk there from town, but the typical short-cut is via the Boat Launch stop 1, in Keswick, to Hawk's End.  

looking west from Keswick Derwent Water Boat Launch stops trail to Catbells, see note below
walking to Catbells looking east at Keswick from Catbells

note - this detail from an OS Explorer map shows how thorough and useful the maps are for walkers.  At the top of that image, in the center, is a tiny number 86, which is exactly where Willow Green, our rental house, was located. 


living room dining room compact kitchen  
  reading with a fire journal entries at night, from my wife's phone   morning view from bedroom  
best morning view from a week's stay the view is of the Catbells area          

The house was just the right size for four adults and we prepared many decent meals there. The generous owners stopped by and gave us a key to the shed with unlimited access to their soft & hard wood piles, and we had a blazing fire going, on cold or rainy evenings. 

There was a pleasant radiator system throughout the house, taking maybe 20 minutes to generate heat, so turning up the dial was my first act of the day, since we had it set way down at night. 

In the bathroom used by my wife & I was a stack of white horizontal tubes, connected to the radiator system, a towel dryer, quite the luxury, which also kept the room comfortable all day, even when turned down to the lowest setting.  

According to our clothing plan, doing some laundry was in order during our stay at Keswick. The house had a European style combo washer-dryer, which on ECO mode took 3.5 hours to do a small load, and the clothes weren't close to dry. 

Fortunately, LCB found a setting where a small load came out perfect, both washed & dried, after only 35 minutes.          

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