Day Seven - Castlerigg Stone Circle & Borrowdale Walk   

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Only a few miles east & uphill from Keswick is one of the oldest Neolithic stone circles in Britain, from around 5,000 BC. With a 360 degree view of the surrounding Fells, most visitors feel an innate sense of physical security here, which apparently in olden times enabled "ritual ceremonies"' to be conducted, maybe for days at a time.  

What were the "ritual ceremonies"? No one knows. You look at these huge stones placed so long ago, by people physically & genetically identical to us, and you reflect about what this circle might have meant to them, but early people left no written records, and, evidence of their very existence is scarce.

Most of us would probably assume that a stone circle would have been an astronomical observatory, or calendar, demonstrating the majesty of the predictable-ness of the annual solstices, yet Scottish archeologists do not see signs of that here. There are more questions than answers regarding this site, it seems.    

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    it must mean something... meaning x two   
I waited for an uncrowded shot of the whole circle beyond the wall, lies a distant valley Rich early UK  conservationist
an English Heritage site our comfortable rental vehicle      

BORROWDALE - Rosthwaite to Seatoller 

Afterwards Rich drove us up narrow roads to Rosthwaite, and a car park. We walked along River Derwent for a few miles downstream & upstream to the tiny town of Seatoller.  It was overcast & rained lightly, and it was great to be out walking.  

River Derwent, (taken by my wife)   Rosthwaite start of the walk River Derwent
  a   Rowan tree & berries R & L
old stone bridge rainy day for photos colorful hills first-year Herdwick sheep
  herdies a youth hostel    
the bridge to  Seatoller River Derwent   a cotoneaster that thrives in the UK


Rich at Seatoller every farmhouse seems to have a room to let (note 1) the OS map shows a footpath up there  
preserving old walls     gnarly old Birch tree
finding the cafe back at Rosthwaite fruit scone, clotted cream & jam w/an Americano
     men's restroom door, about 5 ft 7 in. high
end of the walk a Herdy shop back in Keswick  herdies

note 1 - overnight lodging includes a classic UK breakfast.  There are many walking trails here and this would be a great places to stay for a few nights, far enough away to be in open country, with Keswick reachable in a 20 minute drive downhill. 

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