Day Seven - Castlerigg Stone Circle & Borrowdale Walk   

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Lake District detail, see note

note - Castlerigg is not shown on this map, but it is two miles east of Keswick.  Look for Seatoller & River Derwent, south of Keswick, an area known as Borrowdale, where today's walk was.


Only a few minutes' drive east of Keswick is one of the oldest Neolithic stone circles in Britain, circa 5,000 BC.  It has a 360 degree view of surrounding Fells.  Even modern visitors sense that this gives you a sense of security, so that ceremonies can be conducted, as long as someone is watching the horizons...

There are 38 stones here, some almost ten feet high.  Legends abound as to its meaning, and it was possibly used as an astronomical observatory.  (wikipedia)  

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      I waited for an uncrowded shot of the whole circle >
    our comfortable rental car    


Afterwards Rich drove us up the narrow roads to Rosthwaite, where we paid a day fee at a car park, and then we walked along River Derwent for a few miles upstream to Seatoller.  

River Derwent, taken by my wife's phone   Rosthwaite start of the walk River Derwent
  a   Rowan tree & berries R & L
old stone bridge rainy day for photos colorful hills first-year Herdwick sheep, see note
  field of sheep a youth hostel    
the bridge to  Seatoller River Derwent   a cotoneaster that thrives in the UK
  Rich at Seatoller every farmhouse seems to have a room to let the OS map shows a footpath up there  
preserving old walls     gnarly old Birch tree
finding the cafe fruit scone, clotted cream & jam w/an Americano
     men's restroom door, about 5 ft 7 in. high
end of the walk a Herdy shop back in Keswick  herdies

note - we found out later that Herdwick sheep have that 'white face & dark body' look only during their first year.  After that herdies all look mottled, from head to toe, no matter how old.    

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