Day Six - Keswick Market Day 

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Lake District, the big picture look for Keswick

On Saturday, we made breakfast with our fresh Ayrshire eggs, small or large, brown or speckled, and they were good.   

Then three of us walked into Keswick on Market Day, which occurs here every Thursday & Saturday. My wife stayed home, not sure if she was getting a sore throat, or maybe needed a day off. 

The rental house It was an easy 20 minute walk, pleasant and with minimal traffic exposure.   

KESWICK (silent W = kesik)  

The stalls at the Market occupied R & L for some time, while I went on a wild-goose chase looking for a 240V heating pad, nowhere to be found, but I did get in a lot of walking and saw a lot of the town.  I also picked up some sore throat meds for my wife. As a result I took almost no photos of the Market. 

The tourist info (TI) center at Moot Hall in the center of town had great walking maps, and I listened in while browsing as hikers were getting trail advice from the staff. Then I met up with R&L for coffee on the market square & later we walked back to the house.  

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walking to town along River Greta Blue Heron   ped bridge
Pub near   Courthouse Market Day < Crosthwaite road & back home >

Later in the afternoon, I tried the public footpath at the southern property line of the rental house, as shown on the OS map. It turns out to be a pleasant but longer path to town, which minimizes traffic exposure. 

My walking destination was the Theater by the Lake, on the west side of Keswick, to get four tickets to a play a few nights hence, which Theater sits on the northeast corner of the local lake known as Derwent Water.  

' public footpath prevalent ground cover   someone else out walking, too
    our rental home is at the right A66, Keswick Bypass  
abandoned RR undercrossing herdies a hiker who seems to know the way local high school
  good scenery here River Greta & mountains VW Caddy, see note 1
shortcut to Derwent Water Derwent Water distant view of Castle Crag Keswick Boat Launch w/ 7 stops
    Theater by the Lake walk back into town
Keswick scenery Skiddaw in the distance   see note 2

note 1: the VW Caddy shown here was my intended rental unit selected - as advertised - for 4 adults plus full-sized luggage from SIXT, at the Glasgow Airport, a reservation made a year in advance.  

At GLA, they had the vehicle ready, but, the rental agent said "wait a minute, that VW Van is underpowered & not a good fit for four adults and luggage, and you're going to feel very crammed in".  Without actually seeing that vehicle, we were easily enticed "for only a little more" into getting a much nicer vehicle.  It was a good decision because even in the larger vehicle, we barely fit in.

Let's just say that Rich and I both came to really appreciate the rental vehicle we went with & how well it drove & handled. Thus, in Keswick, six days later, when I saw in person just how small the VW Caddy is, I was sure glad we didn't make that choice back at GLA.            

note 2 - this was the scenery as viewed across the street from our lodging, looking northeast to Skiddaw, with a summit of 3,100 ft.   

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