Echo Lake walk - June 2021

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In mid-June eight of us traveled to Echo Lake, at about 7,500 ft. This is a popular day hike and backpacker route to reach Lake Aloha, in Desolation Wilderness. 

We had to park a quarter mile from the lake, not a big deal. We enjoyed the 20-minute boat ride to the north end of the lake, where the nearly four mile round-trip walk began. We probably saw a hundred other hikers/backpackers today.

On this walk, impressive scenery occurs right away. The most prominent peak to be seen, Ralston Peak, not an easy hike, was climbed by most of today's hikers, 11 years ago.  

When walking in Sierra Nevada granite, you come to appreciate the parts of the trail where it is easy, like in the third photo below, because you can look around & take in the surroundings. When the trail is rocky & uneven, as in the fourth photo, you have to watch each step because of ankle-twisting or tripping potential.     

note - you can enlarge any part of a picture by left-clicking in and then out again. 

Echo Lake boat taxi  ~ 10:30am Rich  hikers on the  trail
  Echo Lake effects of extended drought Ralston Peak at 9,239 ft.
lupine paintbrush   downhill to Ralston Lake
      we had a brief visit  

Not far from Ralston Lake is Tamarack Lake, where we enjoyed a water-side lunch. Although none of the hikers took a swim, a few had toes in the lake.      

Karen & Linda phlox maybe... Dave, see note
  aquatic grass lunch view at Tamarack Lake  

note - overcast light created too much contrast & Dave's face was so deep in shadow that I had to lighten the image so he could be seen. 

After lunch we had a downhill walk back to the boat dock. Rich was paying attention & called ahead for a taxi while we were still uphill from the Lake, where (we were told) the reception was better than at the dock. As a result, by the time w were back at the dock we only had to wait a few minutes and were the first to board.  

Karen   R & L, see note Ralston Peak from the boat dock
    last look at the mountain on the boat taxi  
  ye pay upon off-loading    

note - again, uneven trail conditions made this a technical walk, but all of the hikers did well.

Upon returning to the vehicles it was warm, upper 80s maybe, today being a 107 deg. F day in Sacramento. 

All of us stopped in Pollock Pines on the drive back on hwy. 50 and had an enjoyable 4:00 pm dinner at the Burger Barn. The couple running that place are super-nice.    

It was another great day out walking in the Sierras.     

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