Tennessee Valley to Muir Beach - July 2021

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Ten of us enjoyed a scenic coastal walk in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, which included many steep uphill & downhill grades, from the Tennessee Valley trailhead to the town of Muir Beach & back.

We saw a lot of walkers and their dogs as well as joggers & mountain bikers, all well-behaved. 

Where is Muir Beach ? The two web images below provide an answer.

Golden Gate National Recreation Area  the area where we walked

Tennessee Valley is northwest of & just around the corner from the Golden Gate Bridge, in Marin County.   

note - you can enlarge any part of a picture by left-clicking in and then out again. 

start of the walk  John and I into the hills cypress
    people on Tennessee Beach Coast Guard helicopter
Pepper looking south Tennessee Cove taken by Diane
  Kim & John two Karens, Rich, Diane, Linda, and  Kim & Pepper looking north  
Kat, Linda & Barb heading downhill towards Pirate's Cove     Barb at steep stairs section, see note
  sticky bush monkey flower sweet pea Muir beach
    the tiny town of Muir Beach  
      spent thistle flower   
wild rose Rich, Linda & Kat on the bridge to town   bridge artwork

note -  the stairs dropped 400+ ft. in only a few minutes, and my knees went wobbly towards the lower part.  

Once at the town of Muir Beach we took a lunch break on the grassy lawn at the Pelican Inn, a historic lodge with a British style pub & menu. Hikers w/o lunch were fortunate to get take out before the Inn closed to the public to host a weekend wedding party.    

Pelican Inn see note lunch stop Pepper
  John's bangers & mash Kim's Shepherd's pie Pepper meets a horse  
Linda & Diane on the walk back after the hike        

note - this is where John & Kim ordered lunch w/draft Pale Ale; note international currencies on the ceiling.

After lunch we took a different & steeper trail back to the trailhead. We walked 7 miles today and it must have been a thousand or more feet of elevation gain/loss. 

As for photos, I was caught out by the steepness of the terrain and did not take as many as usual, so my thanks goes to Kim & Rich for providing their people & scenery shots. 

It was a good walk in really pleasant weather, almost getting warm a few times on the way back. Overall, it was a lovely wind-less, foggy day, with calm seas.  

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