Rockville Hills Walk - January 2019

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On New Year's Day, nineteen of us met to walk at Rockville Hills Regional Park, in Fairfield, Solano County.  Rockville Hills is popular, and it is sometimes hard to find parking, because the endless rolling hills terrain is easy to access and a great place get a outdoor workout, as a walker or mountain biker.  

The day started out really cold & windy at the Davis park & ride, but once we were at the site and walking it became sunny, portending an auspicious start to a new year, let's hope.  We had a small Bay Area contingent of hiker relatives with us today.       

note - you can enlarge any part of a picture by left-clicking in and then out again.       

group photo which I took shoe issue puts me at the back  oak-covered hills   
  world traveler Geno on the left   the terrain high spot near Fairfield
winter light Jean winter light again mountain biker
  Elkhorn Peak trail talk   Linda, Raj & Surgit
lunch at Raven's Roost Raj, see note Beth back on the trail  
Jean sisters Linda & Laura

note - the distant scenery in the photo of Raj includes Suisun Bay and Mt. Diablo, looking in a south-east direction.    

Most of us went 7.3 miles, with some walkers getting in another mile or so on the final leg.   

Out on the trail today, it was amazing how many passing-by hikers said "Happy New Year" to us, or we to them.    

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