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images posted October 2013

In fall 2013, I enjoyed visiting Ireland and Scotland, spending a week in each country, and two of my three sisters were along. Well, Mary only came for the first week, in Ireland, while Doris and Paul and I continued on to Scotland for the second week of the trip.  They had all visited here before, but this was my first to the UK & Ireland.

Doris and Mary planned the trip, which I didn't acknowledge for about two years after the initial web posting. Finally, on the Epilogue page I stated my appreciation for the planning work they did & apologized for not acknowledging this sooner.   

Below are the main destinations.  We stayed for the most part at B&Bs, for two nights at some of them.   


part one - Castlegregory & Dingle  

part two - Kilarney

part three - Cork and Cobh

part four - Tramore and Waterford

part five - Rock of Cashel and Dromoland Castle (near Ennis)

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part one - Glasgow and Stirling

part two - The Highlands - Callendar

part three - The Highlands - Pitlochry

part four - Edinburgh 


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