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My intent from the beginning in fall 2001 was to have a digital photo website without any commercial content, and I assumed it would be populated with scenic imagery from northern California, or from other places.   

My website is admittedly an outlet for my writing & editing compulsion, aside from taking & messing around with digital photos. 

Note about newer photo pages - I want to alert visitors that after I first post a new photo page, the photos are likely to stay the same, while the text changes many times over the next week, month, or year. 

Intellectual Property Dept. - except where cited, all photos shown on this website were taken by me. I am responsible as well for any comments regarding the photos or destinations, although you'll find little controversy on this website. I strive to get historical info right via correlation among different sources, a triangulation process.     

Security Dept. - This is an unregistered website, and although I don't track visitors, or their devices, I'm pretty sure visitors mostly consist of family & hiking friends. Only once every few years does someone outside this group make contact, usually for permission to use a photo or for other reasons.  

Hiking photos - I would like to thank my friend Rich B., who since the mid-1990s - when we worked in the same office - has lead an ever-changing group of hikers on a monthly hike from the Sacramento area, to such interesting places as the East Bay Regional Parks, or Point Reyes National Seashore, or the Sierra Nevada mountains. In the last decade and more we have traveled in the fall to the Eastern Sierra mostly, usually a four night out journey, at elevation.  

My photo-pantry would be nearly bare if not for these hikes & trips.  

Because Covid 19 lead to so few hikes in '20, I filled the photo-vacuum by keeping older pages around, while its also true that 2 - 3 years preceding the arrival of C-19 were pretty good travel years.

Photo History 

When I was 19 and living in Wilmington, Delaware, I was given a heavy old Minolta 35mm SLR by the father of a girlfriend of mine, who was really into cameras, and I began to experiment. I quickly found that my main interest was in the composition of landscape images. It took some decades to learn how to take people photos. Of course I learned that you do your greatest service to others when you photograph them with terrific scenery in the background.

By the mid-1990s my photo interest was waning, and I was dissatisfied with 35mm prints, but thankfully digital photography came along soon thereafter. In fact, it was then that Rich's monthly hikes began providing grist for the photo-mill. And then came Photoshop....    

Technical aspects of photography - I never got to the deeper end of the gene pool as regards the technicalities of photo-taking, and consider myself an amateur photographer; the modest equipment I use gives this away.   

Contact info   

If you have any comments or questions, which relate to the content of my website, or that don't, feel free to email me at 

Privacy concerns come in degrees, with nuances, all of which are acceptable to me. Should you be the subject of one of my photos who prefers not to be shown, just let me know.     

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