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Hello again, thanks for visiting! 

I hope you enjoy perusing my website, admittedly an outlet for writing & editing compulsions, besides messing around with digital photos.   

I wish to express my gratitude to my friend Rich, who since the mid-1990s has lead an ever-changing group of hikers on a monthly hike from Sacramento or Davis, to interesting places, like the East Bay Regional Parks, or the Sierra Nevada mountains. This photo-pantry would be nearly bare if not for the monthly hikes.         

Photo History 

When I was 19 and living in Wilmington, Delaware, someone gave me a heavy old Minolta 35mm SLR and ever since then I have enjoyed learning how to take pictures.  My main interest since the beginning has been the composition of landscape images. 

Any ability to take photos of people evolved over time, on its own.  I do appreciate all of my hiking friends allowing me to capture them, in good scenery hopefully.      

All photos posted on this website (except the fall 19 UK trip preview) have gone through at least six types of Photoshop corrections.  

Photo Equipment 

Since fall of 2001 I have been using Canon digital point & shoot cameras, the G series, and now have a G16, a very nice camera.  In 2016 and 17 I realized how point & shoot images are often not clear enough, and acquired a Canon T6i, a simple DSLR, plus a wide-angle and a distance lens.  

It's terrific how lightweight the new equipment is, and the recent development of image-stabilization technology helps to get sharper images.   

When using the long distance lens, I have to use a monopod & mechanical shutter, for sharpness.   If using the G16 it's hand-held.  I'm glad in my later 60s to be able to say that I can remain perfectly still with the point & shoot, for a few moments.  Hey, enjoy it for now....   


If you have any comments about website content, or other comments or questions, feel free to email me at  I certainly do not mind receiving historical corrections, or any other kind of corrections, or suggestions. 

Privacy concerns come in degrees, with nuances, all of which are acceptable to me, thus should you be the subject of one of my photos who prefers to not be shown, simply let me know.  I promise not to reply via Rich's entire cc list !

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