Yorkshire, England - Filey & Bempton Cliffs

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We drove about 40 miles east to the North Sea, passing through Helmsley and Pickering on two-lane roads, heading for Bempton Cliffs, one of England's best seabird sanctuaries. Along the way we stopped in the small town of Filey, to stretch our legs and get some coffee.  We enjoyed perusing a few shops, where the owners were nice to chat with.  


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the North Sea   at Filey     in town houses
    she called it the "German Ocean"  

Summer is the ideal time to see nesting sea birds at Bempton Cliffs.  In October, when we arrived, the Fulmars, Kittiwakes, Guillemots (Auks) and Puffins who typically breed here in huge numbers, were out to sea, where they spend most of their lives, only returning in July & August for nesting.  

We saw a lot of Gannets and a single Cormorant.  Because of a fierce wind, we only took a short walk to the main nesting site & then back to the Visitor Center and cafe.  Bempton Cliffs is part of the RSPB system (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds).  In the little cafe, there was surprisingly good coffee and a talkative docent.

  Gannet nesting area on the Cleveland Way, see note    
  Gannets and one Cormorant seeing double    

Scenic highlights - on our way back through Pickering, around 4 pm, we saw a group of locals dressed in WWII uniforms or period clothing, strolling through town, and, period vehicles were parked along the main street.  It was stunning, but also very natural & convincing, as if we'd driven into a movie set.  We took it all in only for a minute or two, waiting briefly at two traffic lights, and then the vision was gone.     

Later I found out that every year there's a WWII memorial weekend in mid-October, and people throughout England dress in period clothing. 

Below are some of British walker-photographer Andrew Locking's photos from his passing through Pickering on the WWII weekend two years later, in October 2017, on the return drive from a very scenic walk at Robin Hood's Bay.  

See www.andrewswalks.co.uk/robin-hoods-bay.html  


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