Eastern Sierra 2019 - trip intro

posted in September 2019

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This year's fall hiking group gathered near Bridgeport, California, an attractive and modest town on scenic Highway 395, a north-south road on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada mountains.     

From Bridgeport south to Lone Pine, nearly every road heading west and uphill to a trailhead drops you off at say 9,000 ft., or 10,000 ft., so in one or more hours of walking, you're seeing some impressive & photogenic scenery.               

Most of the hiking group stayed in cabins at Twin Lakes Resort, or, at the associated RV park, close by, or, at a campground not far away. Four others moteled it in Bridgeport.  The Twin Lakes Resort is a scenic ten mile drive uphill from Bridgeport.   

Our group this year consisted of:  Rich & Linda, Chris & Andy, Lynda & Jerry, Rick & Julie, Patrick, Victoria and their two year old daughter Elise, plus solo attendees Jean, Dick, Geno, Surjit, and myself, sixteen in all.  Elise's 'maiden voyage' to the Eastern Sierra was a year ago, when she was one. 

For most of the group, over three consecutive hiking days we walked a total of about 22 miles with an average of maybe 1,100 ft. of elevation gain per hike. 

On our second hiking day Surjit, Geno, and Dick hiked at Virginia Lakes, maybe getting in more elevation gain.        

Here are the trip photos:  

Twin Lakes Trip - hike one to Barney Lake

Twin Lakes Trip - hike two to Green Lake

Twin Lakes Trip - hike three to the Lakes on Mine Creek

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