GGNRA walk - April 2018 

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A small group of hikers met up mid-week near the Slacker Ridge trailhead, in the vast Golden Gate National Recreational Area, or GGNRA.  We had an easy drive there from Sacramento, and then we had a scenic walk, on an overcast day.  

We got in a little more than four miles of walking, in fairly steep terrain at times.  On the really steep downhill to our lunch spot there was plenty of loose soil and slippage potential, although we all recognized this and did fine.     

note - you can enlarge any part of a picture by left-clicking in and then out again. 

San Quentin prison from Richmond Bay Bridge steep climb from the trail head see note 1
  Slacker Ridge overlook Frank Rich  
wide angle view City & south Bay beyond Alcatraz & Oakland sacred circle collision walking 
  the trail looking west to the Pacific Cow Parsnip leaf generator
Angel Island in the distance   more hills to climb group at another overlook
    dropping to the lunch spot Pride of Madiera, see note 2
up close lunch view settling in  connecting the dots

note 1 - in this photo, blazing red Indian Paintbrush has yellow 'points', and, in the background lurk poison oak leaves, 'ready to pounce' on the unsuspecting (or non-observant) photographer, as has happened to me in the past.   

note 2 - Pride of Madiera, or Echium candicans, originates on the Portuguese Island of Madiera, and is striking & colorful, but is also seen as a non-native and invasive species, sometimes removed from GGNRA-managed property, although it is grown with abandon in many coastal gardeners along Highway 1 from SF headed up to Mendocino, which describes the parts we have seen.       

We took a different trail back, perched above Hwy. 101 for awhile, that lead us to a Golden Gate Bridge overlook. 

hikers headed back up the hill more Indian Paintbrush   see note 1
  Rich turning a corner  hillside of Cow Parsnip from underneath
our lunch was on yonder ridge   Mustard & Cow Parsnip Jean
  where a large gun was mounted protecting the Gate during WWII    
G. G. Bridge overlook someone's leopard skin  kitty  

note 1 - Rodeo Lake and Beach are in the foreground while on the horizon, there's a feint trace of the Farallon Islands, about 30 miles out. 

note 2 - the group's lunch spot was on the ridge in the near-distance, just to the right of the two eucalyptus trees, or, right where the little bit of shoreline on Angel Island can be seen in the background.  That ridge also looks down upon Sausalito's neighborhoods. 

The hikers considered adding on a short but steep walk downhill and back to see an attractive beach, but, we realized the extra travel time back would put us into the thickest commute traffic on the drive back.  Since the hills had already given all of us a pretty good workout, we felt it was best to skip the beach and instead we headed home around 2 pm. 

I was home at 4:30 pm. When making dinner around 5:30 pm I said to Linda "it's amazing to go for a morning walk near the Golden Gate Bridge, and be back at home, cooking at the usual time"....this was a great hike and thanks to all who were there! 

Frank posted a group photo & all of his other GGNRA hiking images at

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