Cosumnes River Preserve - January 2019

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In late January each year, a fortuitous juxtaposition of photogenic elements occurs at the Cosumnes River Preserve, a wildlife refuge a thirty minute drive from home. 

First, sunlight is low-angled, which increases shadows & enhances coloration, especially in the late afternoon.  Second, the huge Oaks are all bare branches, so you see their awesome shape.  Finally, early winter rains have brought forth fresh spring grass, adding a softening effect which contrasts nicely with the dense structural features of the Oaks.     

All water bodies (or sloughs) shown here are offshoots of the Cosumnes River.

note - you can enlarge any part of a picture by left-clicking in and then out again.       

visitor center w/gov't. shut down look on the bridge over the main slough levee trail, a bit out of focus  in the kingdom of the Oaks (and mistletoe)
  big Oak by a slough same oak from the other side small group of Oaks
again afternoon light cottonwoods  
    giant Oak &  UPRR tracks train at a dead stop
the art   giant Oak again slough bridge at sunset  
Sandhill Cranes   Cranes at sunset

You've noticed no doubt that some of the big Oaks have a mistletoe problem?  Had the visitor center not been closed I might have inquired about this, i.e., why don't they fund a maintenance project to remove the current growths, so it does not get worse.....?  

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